Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Voter integrity matters.... So why aren't conservatives understanding this?

Hamilton County, Ohio was deemed Ground Zero in last year's 2012 election by many political wonks. The Cincinnati Enquirer has a report out about the voting abnormalities.

One hundred sixty-three polls workers were told they were no longer allowed to serve as polls workers. That represents about 5.6% of the entire county polling staff. A number which seems relatively low, however, that percentage represents the highest number of people told they're not welcome to serve as a poll worker in the future. 

Many, many more have to be retrained if they wish to serve in the future. According to the research done by the Enquirer, fifteen of the sixteen polling precincts that are being re-staffed had Democratic precinct judges, so, you can do that math. The Enquirer tries to skirt this fact by saying that's not indicative of anything nefarious as both Republicans and Democrats work the polls. While that point is true, it's true only in theory. Notice they didn't say the polls had equal representation. They merely stated that polls locations are designed to have representation from each political party. 

With that said, this didn't just happen by happenstance. It happened because there was not enough GOP representation at many of these polls. In 2012, I served as a roaming poll observer. I had eight polling precincts to monitor throughout the day. All eight of my locations were in Democratic strongholds. Four out of the eight locations had no GOP workers. Zero. Zip. Zilch. That was wholly unacceptable. Not one GOP representative was there to serve as a poll observer. And not one GOP representative was there to work as a worker who reviews the books. Every location (as least as far Ohio is concerned) should have those two workers at each polling location. They're both vital rolls. 

The polling workers are necessary to simultaneously review "the books", those being the official roll to indicate whether someone is in the correct precinct and whether someone has voted early. What happens when you have one worker who controls the book? Well in the case of Hamilton County, Ohio, something a little on the shady side if 163 workers were told to stay home come the next election. 

The poll observers are there to serve as someone who watches to ensure both the poll workers as well as the precinct judge are property fulfilling their role. Clearly GOP constituents didn't step up in this capacity either as fifteen of the sixteen polling locations that are being re-staffed were led by a Democratic precinct judges

We're forced to have the absolutely ludicrous debate over voter ID laws as more and more states begin to pass these laws. This issue is apparently a no-brainer according to, well the country it would seem. And conservatives are quick to pounce on the fact this is a common sense issue that Democrats should just accept already. I agree with that premise. It's mind-numblingly stupid we even need the conversation. That said, it's my believe that too many conservatives bitch about voter fraud but don't step up to the plate come election day. I've been working the polls since I was eighteen years old and in every election I've worked I've seen the GOP underrepresented on election day. Every. Single. Time. To say it's disheartening would be an understatement. We don't get to have it both ways on this issue. Too many people say 'Well, it's easier for Democrats to show up to work.... THEY DON'T HAVE JOBS!1!!1!1!!'. Clever. However, snark doesn't ensure voter integrity. Putting your money where your money is and volunteering your time for one day does. 

It's time to step up conservatives. Contact your local GOP office to see how you can get involved on election day. It's one day out of the year. If conservatives can't find the time to protect the privilege we have in this country to vote, they forfeit any and all right to bitch about voter fraud. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Buyer's Remorse 2.0

We're stuck with this chump for another three years but it seems the public is finally (maybe?) getting it. 

It may not feel that way but polling numbers do matter. It's the difference between a President with enough pull to push his agenda and one so impotent that he's only capable of making people tune him out completely when they hear his name. Additionally, the more unpopular he stays the harder it becomes for the 2016 nominee (paging Pantsuit. Pantsuit please pick up the white courtesy phone...) to distance her(him)self from this tool's disastrous policies. Especially when they're the spitting image of one another. 

I haven't seen a fail this big since....<scratches chin and squints eyes>...oh since last week it seems!

Jason Greenslate should be a household name. Let's get on that.

Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate. 
Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate. 

Know it. Memorize it. Then pass it on in the attempt to shame him if that's even remotely possible. 

This person is a total scab. And if that verbiage bothers you, let's try it in biological terms: He's a parasite. And we're the host. Think Jason Greenslate is an anomaly? Think again. Food stamp usage has increased to the point under the Obama administration that approximately 11,000 plus new first-time recipients were added to the program per day. A day. That's an absolutely staggering and horrific statistic. We're in the worst economy since the Great Depression but we're to believe 11,000 people joined the SNAP program every day of Obama's administration because they're legitimately hard up?

Liberals you're in a real pickle here. The way I see it, you have two options:

  1. Obama is total fuck-up who doesn't have a clue about the economic (likely)
  2. Americans are quick to figure out that there are a lot of governmental goodies out there to be had (also likely). 
So which is it, liberals? Tick tock....tick tock....tick tock....

Keep in mind Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate's story the next time a liberal tells you we don't have any room to spare with the SNAP program. That Farm Bill is still up for grabs by the way. The Senate of course included the SNAP provisions and the House found some spine and stripped it. They'll have to conference this bill so whether this provision ultimately stays is wholly dependent upon how much we can force these types of stories out into the mainstream (that means taking to your facebook, twitter accounts). To the credit of the Republicans, they cut SNAP funding from the Farm Bill for the first time since 1973. 

The entire Senate version of the Farm Bill is a disaster. Eighty percent of it was designated for the SNAP program. 

Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate.  

This person says SNAP - "That's $200 a month. That's free money. Radical. Why not?". A scab who lives to get up late, cruise for chicks, drink beer and surf. 

And Republicans are supposed to play defense on this issue? No, I think not. 

No, Democrats you own this mess. It's time you explain Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate. 

This piece aired at Fox so of course the cue the usual hacker from Media Matters. They had a hissyfit over this piece. They don't like that Rat Life was made to be the face of the SNAP. Media Matters couldn't bother to do the bare minimum of work to see that only 30% of SNAP recipients work as of 2010 statistics.  So according to those hacks we're to believe 70% of SNAP recipients are disabled? Really? Oops. Nope. In this same article, published by the Coalition Against Hunger (a group that would obviously favor SNAP assistance), they debunks Media Matter's own temper tantrum by saying that 20% of SNAP recipients are disabled.

But that's fine. If you don't want to make Rat Life the face of SNAP, I'm fine with that as well . I think these morons should be the face of the SNAP program

Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate -or- the shit-for-brain morons in Congress who shop at Whole Foods on their SNAP allotment or buy hard-boiled eggs. You have to be a special kind of stupid to buy a hardboiled egg at $1.08 when you can buy a dozen for $1.13

Chalk this one up to yet another winning issue for us. 

Oh and liberals... I'm still waiting on the answer to my question: Obama's too dumb to function or a good number of Americans are using tax-payer funded food assistance just because they can; not because they need to. Go! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Guuuuurl Power! DNC Up-And-Comers (Loosest Definition Possible)

In which the The Daily Beast attempts, pathetically, to wave the YOU GO GIRL! flag for some women they deem up-and-comers in the Democratic Party. 

There's no time to spare. There are so many well-qualified candidates on this list so let's get started! Make sure you wear your pink kicks and don your "Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries" shirts! 

At the top of the list we have the left-wing's newest flavor of the week - Abortion Barbie! 

Wendy Davis' qualifications, according to my take on this article, is that she spoke on Meet The Press and led a ten-hour marathon in an attempt to defeat a popular bill restricting 20-week abortions supported not only by the citizens of Texas but the country as well. This is the woman who doesn't even understand the legislation she spent ten-hours squawking about. The woman who just yesterday said 'pro-life women really don't understand abortion' doesn't understand herself that a Huffington Post poll (!) showed nearly 60% of Americans (!!!) don't support abortions after 20 weeks. Aw. Sweetie. What is there left to say other than Bless. Your. Heart. 

Alison Lundergan Grimes has been the Kentucky Secretary of State since 2011 and her claim to fame is that she's....  from a family of political Democrats and she's currently challenging Mitch McConnell. That's it. No really, that's it. This account probably isn't entirely fair. She sounds sharps as hell and surrounded by top-men to unseat the Majority Leader. 

Kamala Harris is up-and-coming political material because the President said she is 'bar far the best looking Attorney General in the country'. (Sorry Kathleen Kane - but we'll get to you in a minute!). She's reportedly a hard-nose prosecutor with no political experience (unless you count the theatrics of the courtroom), but she's foxy. Yay feminism! 

Christine Quinn is the current speaker of the New York City council so at last we have someone with *some* type of qualification. TDB poo-poo'd an profile that ran on her in the The New York Times where she was quoted as saying she would slice off the private-parts of those who cross her. Christine Quinn, you sound like a deeeelightful individual. She's also an extremely serious individual. 

Heather Mizeur is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates who champions for gay marriage. She actually has a deeper legislative record than most of the chumps on this list. But since TDB decided to highlight her gayness and her gay agenda I'll do the same. Yawn. 

Charlotte Golar Richie is a current mayoral candidate out of Boston. Good luck finding any political experience on this one's resume. We're to like her according to TDB because she danced her way on the stage at a mayoral rally. If that doesn't strike you as professional, competent, and serious, I'm not really sure what will. 

Kathleen Kane: Another Attorney General (just not as sexy as Kamala Harris. Sorry, girl!). She's been Pennsylvania's AG for nine months. She doesn't  have much of a track record at this point but she's (a) A woman (b) A Democrat and (c) supportive of gay marriage, so by default she's uniquely qualified to be part of TDB's up-and-comer list!

Chris Taylor is the last on the list. This Wisconsin state assemblywoman since 2011 has made a name of herself with her strong stance thinking. Well there was that one time she really went bold and sponsored legislated that....uh, again, I'm coming up short. Oh well. She was a former WI Planned Parenthood policy director so why wouldn't she be on this list!

Is it sexist to ask (asked and answered  what any of these women have to offer their respective electorate other than their experience in championing women's rights, abortion "rights", or gay "rights"? Five of the eight have law degrees. Yippee! That's exactly what we need from our up-and-comers -- less common sense, business experience but more law degrees! 

At what point when the United States looks at Detroit and says "Yeah that looks cool - I want to try THAT!" do these women or those supporting them not say "Hey wait, maybe there's more to legislating than gay marriage and dismembering babies"? Of course that would require these women to care about something bigger than themselves and have a bit perspective and forethought to realize the world is bigger than their own craven desires.  
If this list is representative of the Democrat's deep bench of women, this actually makes me feel a bit more hopeful with the state of the Republican party at this point. 


Donna Brazile: Dim bulb

Where to even start with this piece? 

Forget chronic unemployment/underemployment, insurmountable debt, unsustainable entitlements and a healthcare system that will eventually crash our economy. Only wingnuts worry about such issues. No, apparently the most pressing crises we face is voting disenfranchisement. 

Brazile's entire article is preposterous in light of legitimate issues we face as a broken country that seems a hop, skip, and a jump away from the same status as Detroit. The Supreme Court's ruling on the Voting Right's Act doesn't signal the end of days of right voting 'rights'. Just as it doesn't usher in poll taxes. It merely gets the boot of the Department of Justice off the backs of states looking to change their voter laws. 

I wouldn't expect Ms. Brazile to understand the decision. This is woman who in this very piece said "It's up to us to ensure voting isn't downgraded from a right to a privilege.". So... who's going to break it to Donna that the Constitution doesn't expressly state citizens have a right to vote?  The 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments merely prohibit discrimination based off race, sex, and age. They don't give one an affirmative right to vote. Having a right and being denied a right is a distinction with a big difference. It's a difference that Ms. Brazile doesn't understand or doesn't want you to understand. I'm going with the former as it's evident she's just not too bright. 

She happened to write  this ludicrous piece but why beat her up over this. She's most likely representative of a good number of Americans who don't even realize citizens have no federal constitutional rights to vote in Presidential elections

I hate even getting any credence to this piece but Brazile and those like her need to understand she's completely out of touch with where Americans stand on this issue. While she's screaming nonsensically over a virtually non-existent issue (i.e., disenfranchisement), it's not even on her radar that Americans are yawning and/or laughing at her. Even the left-wing (also, now virtually broke) Washington Post couldn't find a poll favorable to those usual suspects whose knee jerk reaction in life is to call foul. According to their poll 75% of Americans support voter id laws

But Donna Brazile "saw firsthand what her sister had to go through in Florida in 2000", so that settles the issue right? Voting RIGHTS for all! Our RIGHTS will not be denied nor abridged. 

The next time someone tells you voting is a right, simply mile and say 'Oh you think that do you?" Also, if they make that statement they're also inclined to be on the wrong side of the voter id law polling. Make sure you do your part and point out that they're fringe and not in step with common sense measures three-fourths of this country supports. Ask them why they're so out of touch of reality and walk off. Don't look back. You'll be tempted to but just leave it there. 

Walk off and have your mic-drop moment. 


Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey ladies, Wendy Davis thinks you're stupid.

Uh oh. Seems like Margaret Sanger 2.0 in her purdy pink kicks just stepped in it. 

Despite claiming not to know the details of the Gosnell case (psst... she knows and she's lying), she thinks women who are appalled by late-term abortions and support the bans are just plain old ignorant:

The Weekly Standard: What do you make of polls showing that a majority of women support these late-term bans? There have been a few polls--Washington PostHuffington Postdifferent polls--that show women support this. What do you think of those polls?  
 DAVIS: I again think that a lot of people don't really understand the landscape of what's happening in that arena today and what an incredibly small percentage of procedures take place there, but, ah...
Got it? You're just ill-informed. Of course you don't understand that at 20 weeks abortion procedures require chemicals so strong that often times when the baby is pushed from the uterus, it's decapitated. Or its born-alive in which case it probably goes to die in a closet or in the case of Kermit Gosnell, flushed down a toilet. 

No, you couldn't possibly understand the ramifications what happens to life when you slaughter a child at 20 weeks into gestation, you silly ignoramus! 

If Mrs. Davis weren't so awe-struck with her own presence on television and media clips she'd take a second to understand what exactly a 20 week abortion procedure entails. Actually that would require self-awareness which this sickening excuse for a woman and human being isn't capable of possessing. 

Maybe her argument is that 'Well, this happens so infrequently, so really the impact is minimal, right?' In which case, if that's her best argument.... ick. This woman is truly a monster. 

It's time to start connecting the dots of those cut from the same cloth. 

Margret Sanger = Wendy Davis = Hillary Clinton. 

If we play our cards right on this we educate the public on Sanger's pro-eugenics stance and tie that back to the left's current cult of personalities Davis and Clinton. 

Out: Pink Shoes
In:    Black Heart 


I'm already calling the Statist of the Month (pssst... It's August 4th)

“The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it." ~ Braintrust, Keith Ellison (D-Dipshitville). “The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States. Health, welfare, housing – all these things.”

I love quotes like these. They flow so freely from the tongue of statists, don't they. It's as if it's as natural as breathing for them say, "Why of course we're entitled to what's (not so) rightfully yours, including not only what you acquired by inheritance but what you earned by the fruits of your labor. Why are you so silly to assume otherwise, plebe." 

Let's put aside the fact this man is delusional enough to believe we, American citizens, exist merely to bolster the size and weight of the federal coffers and what's ours really isn't ours but is subject to the taking by the State. I mean, how does one even reply to such an inane quote as "There's plenty of money, it's just the government doesn't have it. The government has a right". There's no way to rationalize with people who hold that belief. But that doesn't mean you can't laugh and point at them. So let's do that, shall we?

These words came in support of the asinine new bill he's sponsoring called the Inclusive Prosperity Act of 2013. Here's the gist if you can't stomaching sifting through it: Wall Street sucks... Blahbity blah blah blah...Investors are big meanie pants and can't be trusted so we're going to tax their transactions to make things more equitable for the middle class (translation: public employees and the poor) or something. Also, WARS!, TAX CUTS!!!!!, and (wait for it), and GLOBAL WARMING!!11! are are stifling growth. Keep in mind when the sponsors of this bill refer to the middle class, they're of course referring to public sectors employees. See (4) of H.R. 1579. Because those who don't choose to go into the greatest professions ever, FIREMANTEACHERCOP™ aren't really worthy of designation in this bill. Also, consider that some of those private sector may work in the industries denigrated by this bill. So they can doubly go to hell, right Ellison?  

According to Ellison, if we tax trading transactions, we can expand the 'safety net' for the "middle class" including but not limited the following: assistance for subsidized housing (it's not like we have 32 different housing programs on the books), expanding federal education (because obviously the government needs to spend more money on education), more, MOAR! public sector employees or course (Duh, public sectors clearly strengthen the cities in which they're employed), and let us not forget that we NEED! this revenue knew this one was coming...the expansion of green jobs. (No comment.) 

If you try to understand Keith Ellison, you're really just wasting precious brain cells. All you need to know about this frightening dope is that he was born in raised in Detroit*. 

Game. Set. Match. 

(* I also denounce my obvious raycism for pointing out the fact that he is from the city pending bankruptcy where half of its adult population is functionally illiterate.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

#clink #cheers

Do we really need to do the introductions and formalities here? 

If you're reading this you're already familiar with my tweets (you'll find me at @LilMissRightie ).

What this blog will and will not be...? Yeah, hell if I know. Get back to me on that. Like everything I do, I plan on making it up as I go along. Oooooh! Name change idea (if you follow me on twitter you know I have a name change addiction. Right now I'm thinking of LilMissBullshitArtist but I think that would get capped by the 140 character limit. Boo! Hiss!). LilMisADHD is also applicable right about now. 

Check in throughout the day for a take-down of the days biggest maladjusted miscreants, hyper-hysterical harpies, and petulant pisspants(hereinafter known as feminists and progressives). Yes, it's that kind of blog. #Merica

Oh, and in case it needed to be said, the links here may not always be SFW but I'll obviously put a disclaimer as needed. Also, despite being a champion of femininity I swear like a sailor. It's complicated. But stick with me. Because not only will my typos and grammatical errors outnumber my coherent points, I'll change my mind on an given topic mid-sentence. That's the female brain for you right there in all its glory (read: dysfunction). Translation: Buckle your seatbelts. 

Pull up a chair for a cocktail. Or five. 

#clink #cheers