Monday, August 12, 2013

Jason Greenslate should be a household name. Let's get on that.

Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate. 
Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate. 

Know it. Memorize it. Then pass it on in the attempt to shame him if that's even remotely possible. 

This person is a total scab. And if that verbiage bothers you, let's try it in biological terms: He's a parasite. And we're the host. Think Jason Greenslate is an anomaly? Think again. Food stamp usage has increased to the point under the Obama administration that approximately 11,000 plus new first-time recipients were added to the program per day. A day. That's an absolutely staggering and horrific statistic. We're in the worst economy since the Great Depression but we're to believe 11,000 people joined the SNAP program every day of Obama's administration because they're legitimately hard up?

Liberals you're in a real pickle here. The way I see it, you have two options:

  1. Obama is total fuck-up who doesn't have a clue about the economic (likely)
  2. Americans are quick to figure out that there are a lot of governmental goodies out there to be had (also likely). 
So which is it, liberals? Tick tock....tick tock....tick tock....

Keep in mind Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate's story the next time a liberal tells you we don't have any room to spare with the SNAP program. That Farm Bill is still up for grabs by the way. The Senate of course included the SNAP provisions and the House found some spine and stripped it. They'll have to conference this bill so whether this provision ultimately stays is wholly dependent upon how much we can force these types of stories out into the mainstream (that means taking to your facebook, twitter accounts). To the credit of the Republicans, they cut SNAP funding from the Farm Bill for the first time since 1973. 

The entire Senate version of the Farm Bill is a disaster. Eighty percent of it was designated for the SNAP program. 

Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate.  

This person says SNAP - "That's $200 a month. That's free money. Radical. Why not?". A scab who lives to get up late, cruise for chicks, drink beer and surf. 

And Republicans are supposed to play defense on this issue? No, I think not. 

No, Democrats you own this mess. It's time you explain Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate. 

This piece aired at Fox so of course the cue the usual hacker from Media Matters. They had a hissyfit over this piece. They don't like that Rat Life was made to be the face of the SNAP. Media Matters couldn't bother to do the bare minimum of work to see that only 30% of SNAP recipients work as of 2010 statistics.  So according to those hacks we're to believe 70% of SNAP recipients are disabled? Really? Oops. Nope. In this same article, published by the Coalition Against Hunger (a group that would obviously favor SNAP assistance), they debunks Media Matter's own temper tantrum by saying that 20% of SNAP recipients are disabled.

But that's fine. If you don't want to make Rat Life the face of SNAP, I'm fine with that as well . I think these morons should be the face of the SNAP program

Jason 'Rat Life' Greenslate -or- the shit-for-brain morons in Congress who shop at Whole Foods on their SNAP allotment or buy hard-boiled eggs. You have to be a special kind of stupid to buy a hardboiled egg at $1.08 when you can buy a dozen for $1.13

Chalk this one up to yet another winning issue for us. 

Oh and liberals... I'm still waiting on the answer to my question: Obama's too dumb to function or a good number of Americans are using tax-payer funded food assistance just because they can; not because they need to. Go! 

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