Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Donna Brazile: Dim bulb

Where to even start with this piece? 

Forget chronic unemployment/underemployment, insurmountable debt, unsustainable entitlements and a healthcare system that will eventually crash our economy. Only wingnuts worry about such issues. No, apparently the most pressing crises we face is voting disenfranchisement. 

Brazile's entire article is preposterous in light of legitimate issues we face as a broken country that seems a hop, skip, and a jump away from the same status as Detroit. The Supreme Court's ruling on the Voting Right's Act doesn't signal the end of days of right voting 'rights'. Just as it doesn't usher in poll taxes. It merely gets the boot of the Department of Justice off the backs of states looking to change their voter laws. 

I wouldn't expect Ms. Brazile to understand the decision. This is woman who in this very piece said "It's up to us to ensure voting isn't downgraded from a right to a privilege.". So... who's going to break it to Donna that the Constitution doesn't expressly state citizens have a right to vote?  The 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments merely prohibit discrimination based off race, sex, and age. They don't give one an affirmative right to vote. Having a right and being denied a right is a distinction with a big difference. It's a difference that Ms. Brazile doesn't understand or doesn't want you to understand. I'm going with the former as it's evident she's just not too bright. 

She happened to write  this ludicrous piece but why beat her up over this. She's most likely representative of a good number of Americans who don't even realize citizens have no federal constitutional rights to vote in Presidential elections

I hate even getting any credence to this piece but Brazile and those like her need to understand she's completely out of touch with where Americans stand on this issue. While she's screaming nonsensically over a virtually non-existent issue (i.e., disenfranchisement), it's not even on her radar that Americans are yawning and/or laughing at her. Even the left-wing (also, now virtually broke) Washington Post couldn't find a poll favorable to those usual suspects whose knee jerk reaction in life is to call foul. According to their poll 75% of Americans support voter id laws

But Donna Brazile "saw firsthand what her sister had to go through in Florida in 2000", so that settles the issue right? Voting RIGHTS for all! Our RIGHTS will not be denied nor abridged. 

The next time someone tells you voting is a right, simply mile and say 'Oh you think that do you?" Also, if they make that statement they're also inclined to be on the wrong side of the voter id law polling. Make sure you do your part and point out that they're fringe and not in step with common sense measures three-fourths of this country supports. Ask them why they're so out of touch of reality and walk off. Don't look back. You'll be tempted to but just leave it there. 

Walk off and have your mic-drop moment. 


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