Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Guuuuurl Power! DNC Up-And-Comers (Loosest Definition Possible)

In which the The Daily Beast attempts, pathetically, to wave the YOU GO GIRL! flag for some women they deem up-and-comers in the Democratic Party. 

There's no time to spare. There are so many well-qualified candidates on this list so let's get started! Make sure you wear your pink kicks and don your "Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries" shirts! 

At the top of the list we have the left-wing's newest flavor of the week - Abortion Barbie! 

Wendy Davis' qualifications, according to my take on this article, is that she spoke on Meet The Press and led a ten-hour marathon in an attempt to defeat a popular bill restricting 20-week abortions supported not only by the citizens of Texas but the country as well. This is the woman who doesn't even understand the legislation she spent ten-hours squawking about. The woman who just yesterday said 'pro-life women really don't understand abortion' doesn't understand herself that a Huffington Post poll (!) showed nearly 60% of Americans (!!!) don't support abortions after 20 weeks. Aw. Sweetie. What is there left to say other than Bless. Your. Heart. 

Alison Lundergan Grimes has been the Kentucky Secretary of State since 2011 and her claim to fame is that she's....  from a family of political Democrats and she's currently challenging Mitch McConnell. That's it. No really, that's it. This account probably isn't entirely fair. She sounds sharps as hell and surrounded by top-men to unseat the Majority Leader. 

Kamala Harris is up-and-coming political material because the President said she is 'bar far the best looking Attorney General in the country'. (Sorry Kathleen Kane - but we'll get to you in a minute!). She's reportedly a hard-nose prosecutor with no political experience (unless you count the theatrics of the courtroom), but she's foxy. Yay feminism! 

Christine Quinn is the current speaker of the New York City council so at last we have someone with *some* type of qualification. TDB poo-poo'd an profile that ran on her in the The New York Times where she was quoted as saying she would slice off the private-parts of those who cross her. Christine Quinn, you sound like a deeeelightful individual. She's also an extremely serious individual. 

Heather Mizeur is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates who champions for gay marriage. She actually has a deeper legislative record than most of the chumps on this list. But since TDB decided to highlight her gayness and her gay agenda I'll do the same. Yawn. 

Charlotte Golar Richie is a current mayoral candidate out of Boston. Good luck finding any political experience on this one's resume. We're to like her according to TDB because she danced her way on the stage at a mayoral rally. If that doesn't strike you as professional, competent, and serious, I'm not really sure what will. 

Kathleen Kane: Another Attorney General (just not as sexy as Kamala Harris. Sorry, girl!). She's been Pennsylvania's AG for nine months. She doesn't  have much of a track record at this point but she's (a) A woman (b) A Democrat and (c) supportive of gay marriage, so by default she's uniquely qualified to be part of TDB's up-and-comer list!

Chris Taylor is the last on the list. This Wisconsin state assemblywoman since 2011 has made a name of herself with her strong stance thinking. Well there was that one time she really went bold and sponsored legislated that....uh, again, I'm coming up short. Oh well. She was a former WI Planned Parenthood policy director so why wouldn't she be on this list!

Is it sexist to ask (asked and answered  what any of these women have to offer their respective electorate other than their experience in championing women's rights, abortion "rights", or gay "rights"? Five of the eight have law degrees. Yippee! That's exactly what we need from our up-and-comers -- less common sense, business experience but more law degrees! 

At what point when the United States looks at Detroit and says "Yeah that looks cool - I want to try THAT!" do these women or those supporting them not say "Hey wait, maybe there's more to legislating than gay marriage and dismembering babies"? Of course that would require these women to care about something bigger than themselves and have a bit perspective and forethought to realize the world is bigger than their own craven desires.  
If this list is representative of the Democrat's deep bench of women, this actually makes me feel a bit more hopeful with the state of the Republican party at this point. 


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  1. Oh dear, the late 90's early 2000's called. They would like their argle bargle about "the gay agenda" back. I have to admit putting the word "rights" in gay rights in scare quotes rather than the word "gay" was a cute little novelty, but when the likes of Brian Fischer, Matt Barber et al have moved on to squawking shibboleths like "sodomy based marriage" and "homofascism" I'm afraid cute little novelties are just going to get lost in the shuffle and nobody on your side is going to particularly notice. C+.