Saturday, August 3, 2013

#clink #cheers

Do we really need to do the introductions and formalities here? 

If you're reading this you're already familiar with my tweets (you'll find me at @LilMissRightie ).

What this blog will and will not be...? Yeah, hell if I know. Get back to me on that. Like everything I do, I plan on making it up as I go along. Oooooh! Name change idea (if you follow me on twitter you know I have a name change addiction. Right now I'm thinking of LilMissBullshitArtist but I think that would get capped by the 140 character limit. Boo! Hiss!). LilMisADHD is also applicable right about now. 

Check in throughout the day for a take-down of the days biggest maladjusted miscreants, hyper-hysterical harpies, and petulant pisspants(hereinafter known as feminists and progressives). Yes, it's that kind of blog. #Merica

Oh, and in case it needed to be said, the links here may not always be SFW but I'll obviously put a disclaimer as needed. Also, despite being a champion of femininity I swear like a sailor. It's complicated. But stick with me. Because not only will my typos and grammatical errors outnumber my coherent points, I'll change my mind on an given topic mid-sentence. That's the female brain for you right there in all its glory (read: dysfunction). Translation: Buckle your seatbelts. 

Pull up a chair for a cocktail. Or five. 

#clink #cheers 

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